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Recruitment   Most Managers will say they dread telling an employee that their services are no longer required by their organization. Whether the company is rightsizing, downsizing or involved in a merger, your staffing needs are most likely shifting continuously. Sometimes this requires ending a relationship with a valuable employee, which is unquestionably a sensitive procedure. When termination does become necessary, it must be handled correctly.

Workplace Solutions will provide support to Managers on how to carry out a dismissal, give on-site assistance at the time of termination and offer change and transition programs for remaining employees, if required.

Workplace Solutions will work to protect the privacy of the outgoing employee(s) and keep their focus on making successful and practical career decisions. We offer encouragement, share our enthusiasm about future prospects and take the time to listen. We will make sure that your organization's commitment to treating people with consideration and helping to build their confidence is respected. We take each person and his or her individual needs seriously.

Ending someone's employment is never an easy task but with proper preparation, employees and managers can maintain their dignity.  

To explore how our outplacement and coaching services can be used to assist your organization, please contact us at info@workplacesolutions.ca and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs.

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