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Individual Outplacement


Job loss can be a traumatic experience in the professional life of any individual. Even the most experienced executive may be inexperienced when it comes to a successful job search.


At Workplace Solutions, we offer individual services for those who find themselves unemployed as a result of termination or a company restructuring. Arrangements can be made to provide services to individuals at our location or at any other agreed upon location. Our efforts are adjusted to meet the needs of each person we work with.  We recognize that some individuals will feel that the world has turned against them while others will be ready to take on each new challenge they face. The professionals at Workplace Solutions are equipped to deal with all circumstances.


Recognizing that each person will have a different need and various expectations for re-employment programs, Workplace Solutions:


  • Offers emotional support while adjusting to job loss,
  • Provides assessments of behaviour, interests and competencies,
  • Gives assistance with career and life goal preparation,
  • Instructs on resume development,
  • Helps with the development of a job search plan,
  • Prepares individuals on interviewing techniques,
  • Supports the efforts of individuals with ongoing coaching.

To explore how our outplacement and coaching services can be used to assist your organization, please contact us at info@workplacesolutions.ca and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs.

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