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Human Resources Consulting

Recruitment   Human Resources consulting is an important benefit included as one of the services that Workplace Solutions provides. Consulting involves making information, advice or support available to an organization with a requirement.

Assistance is offered to all businesses.  Whether a small to mid-sized start-up without a functioning HR department or an established business with an HR department needing an extra pair of hands, Workplace Solutions can provide the skills and expertise without the expense of a full-time employee.  Workplace Solutions gives young, small to mid-sized companies the opportunity to concentrate on growing their businesses as opposed to dealing with the everyday routine HR issues that can be overwhelming.  For well-established companies with a fully functioning HR department, Workplace Solutions can provide service where and when it is needed.

Your organization may require the human resources consulting services of Workplace Solutions when:

  • Specialized expertise is required but is not readily available within your organization.
  • A style or level of objectivity is required which only a person from outside the organization can provide.
  • The professionals within the organization lack the time to take on a new project or do work that they would normally do and must employ outside assistance (e.g. recruiting, assessments, training, developing HR policy manuals, job descriptions, implementing an employee orientation handbook or revamping an existing one, and employee performance appraisal forms).
  • Employee opinion surveys are required to help foster a more positive work environment.
  • The improvement of customer relations may be supported and enhanced by delivering and tallying independent customer surveys.
  • Reduction of your workforce is required and a customized outplacement program for employee groups or individuals is crucial.

All human resources consulting services is provided by Workplace Solutions with the objective to leveraging your human resources and empowering your people, therefore enhancing both organizational and individual performance.

If you require support with a human resources project or would like more information, please contact us at info@workplacesolutions.ca and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs.

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