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At Workplace Solutions, we make every effort to provide our clients with interesting articles & ideas relating to business through our Fact File. In here you will find a range of perspectives on topics such as Human Resources, assessments, recruiting, training, and management.

Take a few moments to look at our current feature articles on Work and Family Balance, Emotional Intelligence, and Teams. Check back often to see our regularly updated Fact File page containing thought provoking articles, information and a laugh or two.  


What is Emotional Intelligence ?  

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The Wisdom of Teams
by Jon R Katzenbach & Douglas K Smith

(Harper Business 317 pp) 


This is not a touchy feely book about teams. The Wisdom of Teams is about the hard discipline balanced with the fun that goes into making teams succeed and is a "must read" for anyone who is serious about teams. It helps organizations and individuals embark on the team journey. Real life examples at all stages help and clarify understanding. 


Key insight covered in the book include: 

  • Teams withstand change better than individuals.
  • Truly high performance teams are rare.
  • Teams are not always the solution.
  • Organizations need to deal with obstacles that face real teams.
  • Teams do come to an "end".

If you wish to submit an interesting fact or article to be considered for our Fact File, please send us an email.

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