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Lucille Conlon is the founder and President of Workplace Solutions. She has been described as an outgoing, innovative professional who often searches for new ways to solve problems. She has a positive attitude regarding people and outcomes and can always be counted on to complete what she starts, no matter how daunting the task.

Lucille initiated Workplace Solutions because of her strong desire to assist candidates, companies and their employees in realizing their goals.  Her success stems from the underlying principle that trusting business relationships are built by truly listening to clients and candidates while developing innovative solutions and providing exceptional customer service.   Delivering excellent customer service has continually been the vision and the force that drives the professionals at Workplace Solutions. We understand that our credibility and future depends on it.

Workplace Solutions is a professional Human Resources company with expertise that covers a wide range of HR activities and initiatives that include recruitment, training, outplacement and coaching.

At Workplace Solutions, we give our commitment to a service that:

  • Is committed to professionalism and excellence.
  • Provides clients with value for each dollar invested.
  • Supports and empowers individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Offers on-going support, advice and encouragement.
  • Develops or recommends programs, procedures and systems that "suit" the organization or individual.

By establishing a solid network of trusted consultants and partner companies, Workplace Solutions makes excellent use of a collaborative business approach.   We believe this flexible network approach permits us to provide our clients with a wide range of HR initiatives, services, and expertise while providing essential and complimentary skill sets in the areas of recruitment, human resources and training. 

The professionals at Workplace Solutions are committed to helping our client companies and associates increase their productivity and achieve a real competitive advantage through better use of their human resources or individual skills.

If you require support in any of the areas of human resources or would like more information, please contact us at info@workplacesolutions.ca and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs.

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