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Recruitment   Consider that recent studies have indicated that:  
  • Ninety-five of 100 applicants will "exaggerate" to get a job.
  • Most hiring decisions are made during the first 5 minutes of an interview.
  • 2 out of 3 employees would rather be working elsewhere.
  • In 1998 absenteeism cost employers $757. U.S. per employee according to USA Today.
  • Employee turnover costs companies thousands of dollars annually. 
  • 80% of employee turnover is preventable.

Workplace Solutions recognized that the quality of people hired and promoted, and the job fit was a significant problem in a large percentage of businesses. In order to enhance the quality of the hiring and promotion process, Workplace Solutions uses a selection of thoroughly researched and validated assessment tools that are designed to help solve the people problems that reduce productivity. 

When considering a candidate's qualifications, it is not just experience, degrees or other distinguishing factors that should be taken into consideration.  Success also depends on a proper job fit. Using a properly designed assessment tool capable of measuring essential job-related characteristics particular to each specific job should be considered as a reliable method for evaluating job fit.

92% of job applicants accept that testing and assessments are part of the job qualification process. The use of assessments has resulted in increases in productivity while reducing problems with employee relations, turnover, stress, tension, conflict and the overall expenses associated with human resources.

Assessments help to determine candidate job fit as well as behavioural measurement and can be valuable when used for:

  • Determining and hiring the best candidate for the job,
  • Identifying and retaining employees with high potential,
  • Promoting qualified staff,
  • Maximizing employee productivity,
  • Career path development,
  • Performance appraisals and improvement.

If you would like more information on the assessment process used by Workplace Solutions, please contact us at info@workplacesolutions.ca and give us the opportunity to discuss your needs.

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